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Let's do some art. Lightpainting

Writing and painting with light. This idea is not a new one:
You just take a camera, switch it to longtime exposure and paint with a flashlight, or LED, some characters in front of it. This works properly, if you are able to draw. I'm not.
So I just stood by admiring those people, but knew I will never be able to do this. Two years ago, while I visited the 30c3 (Chaos Computer Congress), there were some guys from Blinkinlabs. They sold some bags full LED stripes. I bought on e myself anf found out, that you are able to blink own images with it. But unfortunately mine broke after some days of testing. They are not (very) waterproof...

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Transformers: Modding a LED-Lamp

Once upon a time there was a gift: A white glowing lamp shaped as an Autobotsign. My girlfriend gave me this lamp at the end of 2015. I really liked it, but it was a kind of boring. It just glowed white and I was not able, to mount the lamp directly onto a wall.

So i decided to mod this lamp:
It should glow in all colors and should be mountable onto walls, too.

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