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RFID Candy Box + Twitter

Christmas is coming. The pre-christmas season has started. Sweets everywhere. It doesn't matter, if it's classic chocolate, marzipan potatoes, baked goods or gingerbread: Everything, everywhere! Everything is within easy reach, waiting to be eagerly devoured.
Every year i swear myself, to not eat this much. But every time i lose. Every time I lie on the couch, nearly sick, swearing to do better next year. Not this time. This year i will build some prevention:
A crate, which I have to open with a RFID Token, just three times a day. Haha! Take this! Future me!

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Mastadon Fuzz - Manly sound for guitars

Exchanging physical stuff is supercool. Why are people not stuck with it? (Maybe because it's not cool to pay your new car with 1.5 million carrots.) I would like to have a cool logodesign for my DIY stuff, but I suck at drawing and a good friend of mine, who is a professional designer, wants to have a very specific effectbox for his guitar, but has no soldering skills. So why not "execute" a classic exchange of these things? I would never pay his hourly wage. This is why I bought this DIY kit (You have to order the knobs extra!!!), waited for delivery and stored the kit in my desk. It's like wine: Store it and wait. To be honest: I had less time and enough other $things to do.

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